Solar Telecom
The Telecommunication industry is one of the sectors which can benefit from the various advantages of adopting solar systems. Telecom equipments need to be positioned in rural regions with extreme climatic conditions and no access to electric power. Currently diesel generators are being used to meet energy demands, which are high maintenance and require a constant supply of fuel. In comparison to the pre-existing diesel generator systems employed, this solar system provides a low maintenance and hassle free solution which not only reduces running costs but addresses environmental concerns as it has Zero emissions. These ensure reliability and sustainability both of which makes solar power a cost effective solution for all remote applications. The Solar telecom solutions offered by GRTC Solar are tailored for the telecom sector to meet their set requirements. This solution involves design, supply and installation of equipments to meet customer requirements. Applications: • Mobile and telecommunication industries : o TV/FM stations o Mobile service providers o GSM sites o Rural Communications Features: • Expandable system • High tolerance to extreme temperature • Low maintenance, low running cost, no noise and Environmentally- friendly solution in comparison to traditional systems employed ( generators) • Reliable for rural applications For detailed technical specification and prices, contact us on